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ProShield is a system administration program for Ubuntu/Debian Linux. It helps ensure your system is secure and up-to-date by checking many different aspects of your system. Regular use is recommended.

Whether you are a Linux novice or a system administrator with a dozen servers, ProShield is designed to be useable by all. ProShield's main goal is to help secure a newly installed box (computer), as well as maintain the security of an existing box on a maintenance basis. It's part security, part security administration.

The main features of ProShield are:
When the program is done analyzing your system, it displays an "advisory report", and then (if necessary), guides you through a series of interactive questions to help you solve any problems it found.

ProShield is released as a Debian package, ready for easy installation.  After installation, type "proshield" to start the program (you need to do this in a shell/terminal).

In December 2007 I updated ProShield to make sure it still worked. I also began using it again and developing it again. The result is the v3.8.0 and later releases. Users of v3.7.47 are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. Although my main development platform is Ubuntu, as of v3.8.10 I am testing against mainline Debian as well.
Download the latest version: ProShield v3.8.21 (Or View the Changelog)

Easy Install: If you don't know what a Debian package is, or you'd just like to install ProShield painlessly right now, you can paste this command into a shell/terminal: (you should also use this if you intend to install the ProShield package from the command line, as this method will resolve dependencies)
wget; sudo sh ps-install; rm ps-install;

My apologies to everyone who has been stuck in a ProShield upgrade loop in the present or past. Starting with v3.8.10 there is a failsafe secondary upgrade method that uses the above Easy Install, and should ensure upgrade loops are nothing more than a bad memory.
Official project page: Click here

First version released 8/9/2004. Latest version released on 2/18/2009.